About Us

Your personality can be instantly expressed through what you wear. Before you ever even open your mouth to speak, you can share a little something about you with those around you by simply designing a wardrobe where every outfit reflects who you are.

Fashion is a very meaningful art form that everyone participates in every day, whether they realize it or not. Here at Manipura, we want to inspire you to find the clothing pieces that inspire you to show your confidence,, and unique beauty to the world.

Our fashion curators handpick every article featured here to bring you pieces that are noteworthy and as special as you are. When you join the Manipura tribe, you become part of our family of inspiring women.

Step into your world with confidence. Our collection will enable you to put on a new outfit every day that reminds you to be the best you can be. Self- confidence starts from within and it is shown in the way you carry yourself.

The way you dress has the power to evoke whole new levels of emotion inside and out. When you look in the mirror every day, what you’re seeing is the residual evidence of your past thoughts. Stay the course. Spend your days learning who you are and take the time to share that person with the world.

Don’t hide behind your clothing. Let your clothing present your personality in the best and brightest light.

The Manipura Tribe is worldwide.
It's bold. It's beautiful. And it's backing you every step of the way.